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Sexbot v0.9.5 Release: Teaser & Changelog

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to bring you this update. I personally think it's one of the best yet, and contains things you haven't seen anywhere else. Version 0.9.1b took care of all the technical changes I wanted to make for this update, so 0.9.5 is just a ton of sexy content!

If you are considering supporting the game, please note that billing is set for the day you join, so there is never a bad time to sub. Special Members+ will be able to vote on the next update's scene selection at the beginning of next month. And discord access is included for all subscribers. Thanks!

Sexbot 0.9.5 changelog:

Day 1: Jessica has been re-modelled, two scenes have been re-rendered

Day 2: Alexa obedient scene remastered; Alexa obedient level 2; Sam breakfast level 2; Steph movie scene

Day 3: workout scene with Ashley; Calculator level 2; Cyberpunk level 2

Day 5: Cheer scene remastered, and reanimated; Cow scene remastered; Cow level 2; Sam night visit remastered; Sam night visit level 2; Meiko hot tub visit; Steve scene (just wait for this one ;)

Day 6: Emily level 2 scene; Emily level 2 prom; Emily level 2 post prom (2 paths); Sam NTR scene


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Ace X
Ace X
03 ene 2023

Amazing Update!!!

Me gusta
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